Man jailed for having sex with underage schoolgirl - Bedford


A man, who had sex with an underage schoolgirl on some 20 occasions, was jailed for seven years today, Friday, 11 September 2015.

Romanian Cosmin Raduta was 28 and the girl was 14. But that didn't stop him taking advantage of her and having unprotected sex with her at the flat where he lived in Bedford. He also failed to tell the girl he was married, with his wife back in Romania.

Today Luton Crown Court was told the relationship between the pair lasted three months and came to an end last September when she finally told her father what had been going on and the police were contacted.

Raduta, of Gibbons Road, Bedford, pleaded guilty to five counts of sexual activity with a girl aged between 13 and 15.

The incidents happened between June and September 2014 after Raduta had met his victim at a party.

The court was told how, one Saturday evening in June of 2014, the girl and three other girls were invited by another resident of the property in Gibbons Road, where he and the defendant and some other men were living at the time. On that occasion the girl and Raduta kissed and nothing else happened, but the following weekend the girl and her friends again went to the address.

On this occasion, said Daniel Siong prosecuting for Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), Raduta and the girl, who was a virgin, had sex, although at this stage the defendant may have understood her to be 16-years-old. However, after that, said the prosecutor, he learned her true age and still continued a full sexual relationship with her throughout the summer of 2014.

Judge Barbara Mensah, hearing the case, was told that often when the girl was at the house she and the defendant would smoke cannabis and drink alcohol, although there was no evidence to suggest he had plied the youngster with drinks and drugs.

The  prosecutor said the revelation of what had been going on had hit the family hard. A victim impact statement was read out in court made by the girl's mother, in which she said: "He has turned our family's life upside down. The change in her is huge. She has shut herself off emotionally and is cold." The mother said the girl had become withdrawn and now had no real friends. She added: "He has come to this country and destroyed my daughter's life."

Mark Sahu, defending, said the girl and her friends had taken alcohol to the man's home on the first occasion they went there. Mr Sahu added: "He feels deeply ashamed by what has taken place." He said there had been "an attraction" between his client and the girl which led to the relationship, but he said the man had never provided the girl with cannabis and alcohol.

Passing sentence, Judge Mensah told Raduta that, as an adult, it should have been obvious to him that the girl and her friends were "young girls." The Judge said the law was there to protect girls from predatory men like him. She said: "I am satisfied you took advantage of the victim."

She jailed Raduta for seven years and made him the subject of a sexual harm prevention order for an indefinite period.

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