Man jailed for fraud by false deception - St Albans


Smooth talking confidence trickster Henryk Rusin was jailed today, Thursday, 26 September 2013, after a court heard how he fleeced his victims with tales of get rich quick schemes.

He made out he was a successful city banker and stockbroker to persuade his victims to part with thousands of pounds.

Rusin promised them big returns if they gave him their money to invest.

It was a lie and the money was used to fund his own lavish lifestyle.

His victims included a news agent whose shop he would go to to buy his cigarettes, a builder who came to his home in Tring to carry out work and two women who fell for his smooth patter.

One of the women had answered his add in the Lonely Hearts columns of the Sunday Times.

In all, St Albans Crown Court heard today, Thursday, 26 September 2013, the four victims had lost around £95,000 due to Rusin's deception.

The court was told some money had been paid back by him, but £72,000 was still outstanding.

Rusin of Akeman Street in Tring, Herts pleaded guilty to four offences of fraud by false deception.

The offences had covered a four year period between June 2007 and July 2011.

Claudette Elliott prosecuting said 56 year old Rusin a married man with two daughters had persuaded his local news agent into parting with £35.000, saying he could invest the money and the return would be in the region of £110,000.

The court was told the victim was particularly vulnerable because he was trying to raise money to pay for medical treatment for his son in the USA.

Infact, after some money was paid back to the man he ended up losing £19,000.

The builder had parted with £10,000 after listening to Rusin's claims that he could invest the money and there would be high returns.

One woman had lost £ 23,000 after falling for Rusin's lies and a second woman had lost £25,000 to him.

Passing sentence Judge Steven Warner told him "These were mean offences which involved the loss of hard earned money"

The judge said he had targeted vulnerable and gullible victims who had been taken in by his stories.

The court heard that in 1995 Rusin had been jailed for similar offences.

Judge Warner said "There is a dishonest streak in you which has appeared after a gap of 18 years."

He jailed him for a total of three years and seven months.

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