Man jailed for fire attack on rehab centre - Luton


A man who bore a grudge against a Luton addiction rehab centre has today, 20 December 2013, been jailed for four years for setting light to it.

Luke Conway had been treated at the Perry Clayman Project for an alcohol addiction but was discharged in August this year.

He disagreed with what they had done, and four days later, on 10 August ,  he returned with a can of petrol and started a fire in one of the buildings. The building  in Hastings Street  was badly damaged, but fortunately the fire did not spread to a residential unit close by where people were sleeping.

Conway had told at least two people that he was going to burn the place down, said prosecutor Colin Banham, at Luton Crown Court.

Judge Philip Bartle QC told 24 year old Conway today, Friday, 20 December: "It is clear beyond any doubt that you bore a grudge and what you did was an act of revenge.

"I accept you waited until the premises were empty, but fire is so dangerous because it is uncontrolled and could have spread and could have injured if not killed residents. Fortunately it did not."

Conway, who was arrested the following day at The Comfort hotel, where he had moved to from the PCP centre, pleaded guilty to arson being reckless as to whether life would be endangered.

Mr. Banham said no final value had been put on the damage caused but it would have been 'tens of thousands of pounds'. It had also caused considerable inconvenience and upset.

Rod Price, defending said: "He is a young man who is making genuine efforts to change. His report from prison is very positive. "He now realises how stupid and foolish he was and would like to make amends in some way."

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