Man jailed for falsely imprisoning mother and daughter - Luton


A man with a 'burning resentment' subjected a mother and her teenage daughter to a terrifying eight hour ordeal, a court has heard.

Michael Kisiel kept them prisoner in their Luton home, brandished two knives and taped the daughter to a chair. He threatened to kill them and they believed they were about to die, said Judge Philip Bartle QC. He said: "For a mother to see her daughter treated in this way must have been truly terrifying, and it is an incident that will no doubt remain with them for a long time."

Daniel Siong, prosecuting for Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), told Luton Crown Court on Friday, 08 April 2016, that Polish born Kisiel and the mother had known each other, but there was a disagreement between them over whether he had borrowed or stolen £2,000.

On 20 January this year they were in the woman's car when she became scared and tried to get out. He dragged her back by her hair and managed to kick her in the eye, causing bleeding and she needed hospital treatment. The matter was reported to police, which Kisiel was angry about, the court was told. That led to him laying in wait outside her home on 11 February, armed with a large kitchen knive, a Stanley knife and duct tape. He knew she would let her dog out at some point, and when she did he got into the house.

Judge Bartle said: "You held the blade of the large knife to the mother's throat and she started to scream. Her daughter came into the kitchen and tried to pull you off her mother. You told both of them on a number of occasions that you were going to kill them and they believed you. They said you were really furious and full of hatred." The Judge said the daughter tried to raise the alarm via her computer, but when he saw her using it, he taped her arms to the chair with duct tape, where she remained for three hours.

He was drinking vodka throughout the incident and at one stage said he would let them leave, but would keep the dog and kill it if they went to police. After eight hours they were able to get away, and he was later arrested.

In an impact statement, the mother said he had destroyed her life, and she was terrified his friends would seek revenge. She and her daughter had been sleeping downstairs with the lights on, for fear of going to bed.

Kisiel, aged 29, of Liverpool Road, Luton pleaded guilty to two charges of false imprisonment, two charges of possessing bladed articles, and one charge of assault causing actual bodily harm. He was jailed for five years and three months.

James McCrindell, defending said: "He was in a state of emotional turmoil at the time. He would never have thought he could do such a thing. Prison will be hard for him because of his mental health."

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