Man jailed for drug dealing after being spotted on CCTV - Luton


Suspicious activity spotted by CCTV operators led police to swoop on a car parked in Hurst Grove, Bedford, where they found a drug dealer with a large quantity of crack cocaine on him.

Rhasan Bristol, 24, who was not a drug user himself, was jailed for three years at Luton Crown Court on Friday, 07 February.

He pleaded guilty to possessing 120 grams of cocaine with intent to supply.

Prosecutor Sandra Beck said the arrest was made on May 13 last year. Seven rocks of crack cocaine were found in one pocket and police also recovered a bag containing a larger quantity of the drug which could have been split into street deals.

In total, the Class A drugs were worth between £8,000 and £12,000, she said. Bristol, of Sudeley Walk, Bedford made no comment in interview.

Michael Harrison, defending said: "He did not have work and was offered an opportunity. He is not an addict himself.

"He has a very close and supportive family with him who are shocked at his involvement. He has learned his lesson and will not re offend."

Judge Stuart Bridge told Bristol: "The reason you are going to prison is entirely of your own making. You were motivated by financial advantage."

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