Man jailed for cultivating cannabis - Luton


A construction worker who grew cannabis in the loft of his family home to ease the pain from work related injuries, has been jailed for two years today, Friday, 10 August 2012.

Anthony Anderson was told by Judge Michael Kay QC: "The suggestion that it was all for your own use was ludicrous. There was far too much for your personal consumption and I am certain some was going to be supplied to others.

"The fact you were bringing children up in the house at the time is really the height of irresponsibility."

Anderson, 35, pleaded guilty at Luton Crown Court to cultivating cannabis.

Daniel Siong, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said police raided the three bedroomed house in Richmond Hill, Luton on 28 March this year. In the loft they found 71 cannabis plants growing, which experts said would have given a yield of skunk cannabis worth about £18,000.

Mr. Siong said: "He now accepts the surplus would have been supplied to friends but not on a commercial basis."

John Carmichael, defending said: "He was using cannabis for pain relief and developed a significant habit. He thought by growing his own he would save money and not have to deal with drug dealers. He bought the equipment on e-Bay for about £500.

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