Man jailed for conspiracy to supply cocaine - Borehamwood


Borehamwood drug dealer Philip Blackburne went to prison today, Friday, 23 October 2015, for seven years for drug dealing, following in the footsteps of his mother.

Blackburne's mother was herself jailed back in September for 15 months for helping to launder her son's ill-gotten gains. Her bank accounts had been used to pay the money though, which had then been used to buy property and a plot of land.

Today, Blackburne, aged 33, of Delius Close, Elstree, Borehamwood appeared at St Albans Crown Court to admit conspiracy to supply cocaine.

Judge John Plumstead was told how on 02 October 2013, police in Borehamwood noticed the defendant speeding through the town and decided to pull him over. Because of his demeanour, they decided he would be searched and when it was decided to handcuff him, he promptly fled. As he did so he discarded packages of cocaine.

It wasn't long before he was arrested and officers then searched a lock up garage connected to him where they discovered he had a cocaine press and a barrel that contained the cutting agent he had used to get his cocaine ready for sale to other dealers.

Detectives looked into his activities and discovered he had set up a wholesale drug dealing business over the previous year, supplying cocaine to dealers. It was the profits from this business that Blackburne was able to launder through his mother's bank accounts which was then further cleaned up with the purchase of property and a plot of land.

The court was told it Blackburne's own long standing addiction to cocaine that had drawn him into the murky world of wholesale drug dealing. Faced with financial difficulties, the father of two had seen an opportunity to make money.

Judge Plumstead was told that Blackburne had tried to seek out help for his own drug addiction both before and after his arrest.

Passing sentence the Judge told Blackburne his own addiction to cocaine should have made him stop plyling his harmful trade. He told him: "You knew the stakes were high".

A confiscation hearing is to to be held where the authorities will seek to retrieve any money Blackburne made from his criminal activities.

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