Man jailed for burgling home in same street he was staying - Maulden


A burglar, who committed a break-in in the same street in Maulden where he was staying, has today, Tuesday, 17 November 2015, been jailed for 16 months.

Luton Crown Court was told how, in the early afternoon of 28 July this year, two Bedfordshire police officers in an unmarked police vehicle parked up in Clophill Road in the village, saw Murphy, aged 29, and another man walking along the pavement.

Richard Sedgwick, prosecuting, said the female officer in the car recognised Murphy and, sensing the pair might be up to no good, they decided to follow them. In broad daylight, Murphy and his accomplice were suddenly seen to dart down the side of a house to the rear of the property where they broke in. As officers reached the driveway to the house, they looked down the side of the property to see Murphy's accomplice coming towards them on a bike he had just stolen. He was promptly arrested.

Murphy had gone out of the back of the property with a laptop computer under his arm and took a footpath through fields to get to the house of his girlfriend, who lived in Clophill Road. The two police officers, back at the scene of the break-in, were able to radio for information about him and, within seconds, had the house number where he would be. Moments later they turned up at the house to find Murphy stripped down to his waist and sweating as if he had been running. He had discarded the computer on the footpath and it was quickly found.

Murphy was arrested and, as he was led away, was heard to shout out: "Tell them we were at the pub together. Make sure you say that in your statement."

Murphy, whose address was given in court as Tower Road in Luton, pleaded guilty to burglary.

The court was told he had a long history of offending with 22 convictions going back to when he was a juvenile.

Andrew Kerry, defending, said Murphy: "was an excitable young man who had suffered from ADHD." The court heard his father was seriously ill and now all Murphy wanted was to complete his sentence and get home to his dad.

Judge Philip Bartle jailed him for 16 months. His accomplice also pleaded guilty to the burglary and is due to be sentenced at Luton Crown Court on Wednesday, 06 January 2016.

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