Man jailed for burgling friend - Kempston


A man from Afghanistan, who burgled the home of a fellow countryman, who was wheel chair bound, was jailed for 20 months on Friday, 11 September 2015.

The victim had been suspicious when Akhtar Hussain visited him one day with a mutual friend, but appeared to be looking around at his possessions. His fears proved correct when he left his home in Redwald Close, Kempston overnight in July this year and returned to find the place ransacked, Luton Crown Court was told. A large tv, some jewellery, cash, laptop, phone and a pair of trainers were missing.

With the help of friends he managed to track down some of the stolen property which had been sold on quickly and had to buy it back.

Then the defendant contacted him and threatened him that if he went to the police he would kill him when he was released from prison. Later he apparently confessed to what he had done and promised to get the tv back if the police were not involved, said prosecutor Harry Snook.

However, the matter was reported and Hussain, aged 21, was arrested. Despite CCTV evidence and the 'confession' that was audio recorded, he told police he was innocent. But at court the homeless man pleaded guilty to the burglary and also to criminal damage to a window at a house in Hurst Grove, Bedford. He was jailed for 20 months.

His solicitor, Dawn Pearson, told the court on Friday that he had left his family behind in Kabul when he was 14, but had lived with family in Bedford, gone to school and college, learned English and got work. But earlier this year he became homeless, could not claim benefits and needed money for food.

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