Man jailed for burgling ex partners' Hatfield home - St Albans Crown Court


As his relationship with his partner was coming to an acrimonious end, Jake Barrington added insult to injury when he broke into her home and stole her laptop.

Barrington knew she would be out of the house in Robins Way, Hatfield, when he broke in on 17 March this year.  But Barrington hadn't reckoned on the quick thinking of his other half who, once she realised she had been burgled, worked out where he had gone with his ill gotten gains.

Knowing what a creature of habit he was, she was quickly on the phone to Cash Converters in Stevenage town centre.

Today, Wednesday, 23 April 2014, St Albans Crown Court heard that 24-year-old Barrington was still inside the shop trying to sell the laptop when her call came through.  He grabbed it and did a runner and was even able to sell it at another shop for £130.  But with his ex onto him, the game was up and the next day he was arrested.

Barrington of Broadwater Crescent pleaded guilty to a single offence of burglary and was jailed for a total of two years and five months.

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