Man jailed for burgling house next door - Luton


A man who broke into the house next door to a property where he was staying the night has been jailed for three years.

David Winterflood, 38,  had crashed out on the sofa at a friends's house after spending the day drinking.

But it still didn't stop him getting up in the night to burgle the house next door in Seymour Road, Luton, after he learnt the occupants were away.

In the break in he stole three televisions and other electrical items.

But he left behind tell-tale evidence that led to his capture six weeks later.

First, his fingerprints were found on a kitchen window where he got in. And in the hallway of the house,  police found a cigarette butt that when examined was found to contain traces of Winterflood's DNA.

At Luton Crown Court , Winterrflood of Rotherham Avenue, Luton, was found guilty after a two day trial to burgling the house in August last year.

The court heard the value of the property he stole that night was £1600 but the damage he caused getting into the house came to £4000.

Passing sentence,  Recorder Samantha Leigh told Winterflood "You have been found guilty by the jury on overwhelming evidence."

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