Man jailed for burglaries - Oxford


A burglar who posed as a ‘Good Samaritan’ after being caught at the scene of one of his crimes appeared for sentence at Oxford Crown Court this morning, Thursday, 13 June 2013, and was jailed for three years eight months.

Martin McDonagh, aged 38, of Priory Road, Littlemore, was convicted by a jury on 03 June 2013, of carrying out an attempted burglary, which occurred at a property in Oxford Road, Littlemore, on 06 December 2012.  He was sentenced for this offence and for another burglary, which he committed on 22 February 2013, at a property in Ellesmere Road, Rose Hill. He had pleaded guilty to this offence at an earlier hearing.

During the attempted burglary, McDonagh broke into the property through a side window as the victim was returning home.  She confronted him at a side gate and he tried to mislead her by saying he had chased off the real offender.