Man jailed for bank account fraud - Hertfordshire


A man who tried to open a bank account at the Halifax in Hemel using a stolen utility bill and fake driving licence was jailed for 12-months yesterday, Tuesday, 31 July 2012. James Wynter, 53, was caught when staff noticed that the photograph on the licence was of a man who looked about 10-years older than he did.

Geoffrey Porter for the Crown Prosecution Service told St Albans Crown Court that Wynter went into the bank at 2pm on 07 July this year and tried to open an account in the name of Brian Goodall, from Middlesborough.

He said: "He had Mr Goodall's utility billm, address, a driving licence, and a cheque made out to Mr Goodall for £550. The driving licence was false and this was noticed by the staff. Mr Goodall is about 10-years older than the defendant.

Wynter of Holderness Estate, Knights Hill, West Norwood, pleaded guilty to possessing an article for fraud. The court was told he had a long history of offending. He pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.

Jailing him, Judge Stephen Gullick told him: "If you continue down this road you are going to face longer and longer sentences."

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