Man jailed for attempting to burgle policeman's home - Luton


A burglar who had been given a chance to get off drugs and drink when he was given a community sentence was locked up for 3 years today, Tuesday, 08 July 2013, after trying to break into a policeman's house in Luton.

William Hanna, 28, used a screwdriver to force open the front door of the house on 19 April while the officer and his family were asleep.  The CCTV system had recorded Hanna's movements and when he jemmied the front door the alarm activated and he fled.  The officer looked at the CCTV and thought he recognised Hanna, Luton Crown Court heard on Tuesday.  He was arrested and fully admitted what he had done saying he was high on drink and drugs.

Prosecutor Timothy Naik said that on 10 December last year Hanna had left his blood at the scene of a break-in at a house in Rant Meadow, Hemel Hempstead.  He and another man used a claw hammer to smash the glass in the porch at eight o'clock at night. Nobody was in the house at the time and the men escaped empty-handed.  Hanna was identified because he cut himself at the scene and the police were able to make a DNA match.

He appeared at St Albans Crown Court for attempted burglary on 25 February and received an 18 month Community Order with 18 months' supervision on a drug treatment programme.

Hanna of Elizabeth Court, Chapel Street, Luton pleaded guilty to burglary. He admitted three breaches of the Community Order by not attending probation appointments and was re-sentenced for the attempted burglary in Hemel Hempstead. He had 26 convictions for 63 previous offences.

Andrew Morton, defending, said Hanna had been "acting alone on impulse." He said he had been on a reducing drug script while in custody and had been "entirely co-operative" with the police.

Jailing him Judge David Farrell QC said: "You have an appalling record of offending. You were given a chance and have shown a complete lack of motivation. I hope in custody you will be able to address your drug problems."

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