Man jailed for attacking man sleeping in his car - Santa Pod


A man, who was sleeping in his car parked beside the Santa Pod drag racing track in Bedfordshire, found himself under attack by Jody Recci, who smashed the vehicle's glass sun roof and windows to inflict serious head injuries on him.

Daniel Marple suffered a serious head injury as Recci used a metal bar to club him over the head as he sat in the vehicle. Mr Marple put his hands up to protect himself and then suffered a broken finger and a broken nose as the blows rained down on him.

Today, Tuesday, 08 September 2015, Recci sobbed in the dock at Luton Crown Court as he was jailed for four years for the attack.

Judge Stuart Bridge, hearing the case, was told the attack happened in July of this year because Recci thought the other man was seeing his ex girlfriend. Shortly before, Recci had sent Mr Marple a text message saying he was going to "permanently disable him."

In court today, Recci, of Simmons Close, Middleton, Tamworth in Staffordshire, pleaded guilty to wounding with intent and criminal damage. He also pleaded guilty to assaulting a friend of Mr Marple, Terry Dickens, who was also sleeping inside the Toyota MR2 car after they had attended, with other friends, a drag racing event at the track on Saturday, 04 July this year.

During the day and evening Mr Marple, from Wolverhampton, had drunk around 15 cans of lager and decided to sleep the night in his car and drive home the next day when he was sober. Mr Dickens was asleep beside him in the passenger seat.

Kevin West, prosecuting, said at around 7am on Sunday, 05 July the men were sleeping when 32-year-old Recci came up to the car and began smashing the driver's side window and sun roof with a metal car jack. Shattered glass showered the two occupants, which caused Mr Dickens to suffer cuts to his hand. But the violence that followed was directed at Mr Marple as Recci reached through the shattered sun roof and window to aim blows with the bar at him.

The court heard his passenger was able to get out of the car but Mr Marple was unable to as Recci ran around the other side of the vehicle. The car's windscreen was smashed and Mr Marple felt blows to his face and head, arms and hand. The bridge of his nose was broken and so too was a finger on his left hand.

Judge Bridge was told the attack lasted around 90 seconds before Recci ran off, got back into his own car and drove away. He was arrested later.

The court heard that since the attack, Mr Marple has been nervous when going out and for a while had been unable to perform his duties as a delivery driver because of his injuries. The damage caused to his car that day amounted to £850.

Miss Bozzie Sheffi, defending, said Recci appeared in court "a broken man." She said he had suffered bereavement as well as the loss of a relationship with his wife in the past. He then formed a relationship with a new love in his life and was looking forward to a new beginning with her when difficulties arose and he sent Mr Marple the text message. That morning at Santa Pod she said he had got himself into a state and a "red mist" had descended. She said as he drove away from the attack, that he had burst into tears at the harm he had done to another person. She said he now felt genuine remorse and took responsibility for what he'd done that morning.

Passing sentence, Judge Bridge said: "I accept that what you did was entirely out of character." He jailed him for four years.

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