Man jailed for attacking girlfriend - Everton


A Biggleswade man flew into a rage after logging into the Facebook account of a woman to see what she had been up to while he had been in prison.

Stan Smith, aged 22, became so angry that he grabbed her by the hair and punched her in the face. He bit her on her hand, throttled her and then went towards her brandishing a knife.

Luton Crown Court was told today, Friday, 26 February 2016, that the assaults took place on 09 May last year at a house in the village of Everton in Beds.

In court, Smith, of Drove Road in Biggleswade, pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm on the woman and making a threat to kill her.

Judge Michael Kay QC jailed Smith for three years and six months and told him: "You cannot control yourself, you are a thug."

The Judge made his comment after hearing how Smith had notched up an appalling record for violence and had attacked a previous girlfriend after losing his temper.

Prosecutor James Marsland told the court how the defendant had been in a short relationship with the woman, which had come to an end in the Spring of 2015 following incidents of violence by him towards her. At the time it ended, Smith was in prison, but on his release he met up with the woman at the home of friends in Sandy Road, Everton.

Judge Kay was told how at the house Smith became angry after viewing the woman's Facebook account and grabbed her by her hair and assaulted her. He placed his hands around her throat and began to strangle her. At she struggled to breathe, she heard him say "Goodbye" and as dizziness overcame her, she thought she was going to die. Smith did release his grip, but when he looked further at her Facebook account, he lost his temper again and bit her on her hand breaking the skin over her knuckle.

The prosecutor said it was at this point that the defendant produced a knife from his pocket and, holding it at chest height, advanced towards the woman, saying: "I am going to kill you."

The court heard that in fact she managed to get the knife off him before running out of the house and hiding. Even then, Smith went after her walking up and down the street and shouting out: "You're a dead woman when I get hold of you." Luckily he couldn't find her and made off before police arrived.

Passing sentence, Judge Kay told him: "This was an appalling attack and you have an appalling record of violence. You do not learn."

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