Man jailed for arson - Luton


A man who started a fire at a multi occupancy house in Luton was jailed for two and a half years today, thursday 03 May 2013.

Eoin Flynn, 29, set fire to two mattresses in a room at the house in Hitchin Road.

Luton crown court heard he had been drinking heavily at the time and he claimed to have little or no recollection of how or why he started the fire.

Judge Michael Kay, hearing the case, was told the amount Flynn had drunk on the day could have caused him to lose inhibitions and start the blaze.

In court today he pleaded guilty to arson being reckless as to whether life was endangered.

The court was told Flynn had been living at the property but, after getting into arrears with his rent to the tune of over £900, he was told to leave.

However, he continued to reside at the property, sleeping in the room of a girlfriend who was also living there.

On June 17 last year, Flynn began drinking heavily and consumed a large amount of vodka and beer.

The court heard that evening he went to his old room and it was there the fire started.

Another resident was alerted by smoke spreading through the building and the fire brigade were called.

The fire was found to have started in two places in the room Flynn had gone to.

It was discovered he had set fire to mattresses.

Flynn, whose address today was given as Heron Drive, Luton, caused over £600 worth of damage.

In court it was said he still didn't know how or why it had started, but he accepted responsibility.

Judge Kay was also told Flynn had made attempts to put the fire out.

Jailing him for two and a half years, Judge Kay told Flynn the effects of alcohol on him should act as a lesson.

He told him "It's a lesson you must take with you when you come out of prison."

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