Man jailed for aggravated burglary - Chesham


A man appeared at Aylesbury Crown Court on Friday, 10 October 2014, and was jailed for nine years and six months for aggravated burglary.

Haroon Rashid, aged 23, of Honeysuckle Field in Chesham, was sentenced after pleading guilty to one count of aggravated burglary.

On 03 March this year at around 7pm, Rashid entered a flat in Honeysuckle Field.  When the victim, a 49-year-old woman, returned home, she heard the communal door of the flats slam shut behind her and turned to see Rashid in the hallway.

Rashid pushed the victim into the kitchen, pulled her onto the floor and threatened to kill her unless she did what he said.  He then threatened her with a kitchen knife.

The victim offered Rashid her handbag and car keys, but he did not react and continued to hold the knife against her throat.  She managed to fight him off and ran outside to raise the alarm.

Rashid fled the scene with the victim's handbag and ran towards Chesham Cemetery.

Rashid was identified through DNA found on an item of lady's underwear which was left on a pathway adjacent to Chesham Cemetery. A lady's sock was also found at this location and a matching sock was located at Rashid's home address. Items from the victim's handbag, which identified her, were also found on the pathway by Chesham Cemetery.

It is believed that Rashid was wearing the undergarment as a scarf during the aggravated burglary.