Man jailed for 3-years for money laundering and fraud - Bedfordshire


A Luton man who was stopped by officers from the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Road Traffic Unit on the M1 motorway and found in possession of more than £100,000 in cash was imprisoned for 3-years at Luton Crown Court on Friday, 30 March 2012.

Gurjinder Sandhu, aged 32,  of Oakley Road, Luton was sentenced to 2 and a half years for money laundering and 6-months for an identity fraud offence, which is to be served consecutively.

Sandhu was arrested on 09 November 2011 after being stopped by officers on the M1 motorway, close to junction 10. During a search, over £100,000 was found concealed in the vehicle and on his person.

Sandhu refused to explain why he was in possession of the cash and the following day he was charged with money laundering and being in possession of a false driving licence.

Before sentencing, the Crown Prosecution Service explained that Sandhu had been involved in a fraud, practised against HM Revenue and Customs.  Sandhu was part of a crime group which imported large quantities of alcohol in to the country, only some of which was disclosed to HM Revenue and Customs. He refused to name any others involved in the transactions.

During his appearance at Luton Crown Court, Sandhu also admitted to being an illegal immigrant.

Sandhu is now subject to a confiscation order for the sum of just over £118,000. If this is not paid within 4-months he will serve a further 2-years imprisonment.