Man jailed for 10 months for attempted theft of metal in Watford


When police asked Kevin Corkhill what he'd been doing on a flat roof in a Watford Street, he claimed he had gone up there to relieve himself. In fact, Corkhill had gone up onto the roof in Queens Road and tried to steal lead flashing.

To make matters worse, St Albans Crown Court was told that at the time Corkhill, 37, was on bail for a burglary he had committed in Blackpool.

Corkhill, of Wilmington Close, Watford, pleaded guilty to the Blackpool burglary and the attempted theft of the lead flashing.

Peter Shaw, Crown Advocate for Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), said it was in August of last year that Corkhill broke into the property in Bryan Road, Blackpool. It was unoccupied at the time and in need of repairs. Corkhill stole copper piping from the property worth around £10.

Unfortunately for him he left behind a trace of his own blood after cutting himself and police were able to eventually establish from DNA found that he was responsible.

Arrested and bailed, Corkhill was then spotted in the early hours of 05 November last year climbing up a ladder to a flat roof in Queens Road, Watford. Police were called and arrested him. When asked what he'd been doing on the roof, he claimed he'd gone up there to relieve himself.

On the roof, officers found he had been attempting to steal the lead flashing. But, they also discovered he had broken a gas pipe and a hissing sound was coming from it.

As as result ,neighbours had to be woken and evacuated from their homes and the fire brigade attended the scene.

In court, Corkhill was described as a long term drug addict.

Passing sentence, Judge Michael Baker QC jailed Corkhill for a total of 10 months.

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