Man jailed following marriage feud - Luton


A Judge said it was "truly shocking," that a simmering feud over a marriage had escalated to the bride's brother arming himself with a knife and making threats to kill.

Judge Michael Kay QC made his remarks after a jury had found Algar Shah, aged 36, guilty of two charges at Luton Crown Court on Friday, 05 August 2016.

He jailed Shah for 18 months for making threats to kill and possessing a knife in public and made him the subject of a restraining order. He said: "There has been a feud between two families over a marriage. It is truly shocking that this level of violence and hatred can arise over something like a marriage."

During the three-day trial the jury had heard that bad blood over a marriage led to Shah making threats to the victim inside the Pak Food Store in Bishopscote Road, Luton.

Prosecutor Neil King told Luton Crown Court there had been a "family falling out" after the victim's eldest son married Shah's sister.

The victim told the court the marriage was not arranged and had been a "love match." He said he delivered wholesale supplies to the Pak Food Store and had gone there on Wednesday, 30 December last year to collect money. He was by the butcher's counter when Shah came in. "He said in Punjabi: come out, I want to break your teeth," said the victim. As Shah was dragged out of the shop by staff he allegedly shouted: "I will come back with a knife. I will kill you." The victim went on: "Within a few minutes he was back. I was in the back of the shop and phoned the police. He pushed the door and I pushed it back. He said: "I will kill you." He was aggressive and I was very scared."

The prosecutor said by that stage Shah had armed himself with a knife concealed in his sleeve.

Shah of Alder Crescent, Luton denied threats to kill and having an article with a blade on 30 December last year. When questioned, Shah told the police he was not at the shop. He denied there was any bad blood in the family. Mr King told the jury that Shah was picked out at an identity parade by the victim and another shop worker.

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