Man jailed 29-years after Bedford rape


A rapist who attacked a student in her bedsit confessed to his wife 28 years later what he'd done.

In 1983 Graham Jones had been dubbed, 'The Bedsit Rapist' in his local paper when he climbed up the fire escape to the girl's room, tied her up and raped her.

He was never caught for the crime in Bedford, but in January of last year, he told his wife Susan - his girlfriend at the time - what had happened all those years before.

As a result, the couple walked into Greyfriars Police Station on 26 January last year and Jones, 50, made a full confession. He told officers his conscience had troubled him over the years and he wanted his victim to know he had gone to prison.

Ann Evans, Senior Crown Advocate for Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) told Luton Crown Court on Friday, 02 March 2012, "He said he wanted to unburden himself and he wanted the girl he had attacked to feel better knowing he had gone to prison."

In court ,Jones pleaded guilty to a single offence of rape.

Judge David Farell QC hearing the case was told, his 20 year old victim at the time is now a 49 year old woman who is still haunted by what happened to her.

The girl, who was a PE student living in the Lansdown Road area of Bedford, still can't sleep on her own after all these years or remain on her own in a house at night.

On the night of the attack she had returned to her bedsit and briefly used a sunbed that was in the room.

Jones, 22, at the time and a Peeping Tom, had been standing outside below her window and saw her walk naked from the waist up past the window.

He then climbed a fire escape, crept into her room, and after binding her hands with the cord from a bedside lamp, raped her.

For years, the crime remained undetected until last January when he blurted out what had happened, to his wife, during a row.

The prosecutor said, but for his confession it is likely the crime would have remained unsolved.

Following his account to police officers, exhibits that had been kept were tested once more for the defendant's DNA and a match was obtained.

Jones was jailed for seven years and his name will go on the sex offenders' register.

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