Man found guilty of sexual attack - Bedford


A married father of four was today, Tuesday, 04 November 2014, found guilty at Luton Crown Court of a string of sex offences on a young woman, who he attacked as she made her way home from working in a pub.

Abdul Ghafoor, aged 33, from Nash Road in Bedford, was found guilty of eight offences (three of assault by penetration, two of rape, one of false imprisonment, one of assault occasioning actual bodily harm (ABH) and one of attempted rape. Judge Richard Foster told Ghafoor that he considered him to be a danger to the public and would consider a life sentence on the facts of the case.

The attack happened late at night on Friday, 30 May as the victim, in her 20s, was walking along Cardington Road, Bedford. The victim was texting her sister when Ghafoor grabbed her, pulled her into some nearby bushes and subjected her to a prolonged series of sexual assaults. At one point the victim managed to get away, but was caught by Ghafoor and taken back to the undergrowth where he continued his attack.

The jury was told during the trial that the victim managed to text her sister with the message "Help me" before Ghafoor smashed her phone and continued the attack.

Ghafoor was caught after the victim's sister called Bedfordshire Police who sent officers to the area to look for her. On seeing officers, Ghafoor tried to run away, but was quickly caught and arrested.

Ghafoor will be sentenced at Luton Crown Court on Friday, 19 December 2014.