Man found guilty of running over woman in carjacking incident in Langley


A man was today found guilty at Reading Crown Court of causing grievous bodily harm with intent after he ran over Caroline Johnson having carjacked her outside her home in Langley.

Mrs Johnson had been scraping ice from the windscreen of her car as she was preparing to take her son to school on 2 December 2008 when Kevin Richardson and Karen Napper appeared from nowhere and leapt into the car.

Kevin Richardson from Slough had already admitted to causing grievous bodily harm, aggravated vehicle-taking and dangerous driving.  Karen Napper, also from Slough, admitted to aggravated vehicle-taking but the prosecution decided that there was insufficient evidence that she had actively encouraged Richardson to injure Mrs Johnson.

Mrs Johnson had tried to prevent the defendants from driving off in her car by obstructing their path.  Richardson ran her down causing her to become trapped beneath the wheels and then dragged along the road for 20 metres.  Mrs Johnson was left for dead in the road and sustained severe injuries that left her in hospital for over two months.  She is still unable to walk without the aid of a wheelchair.

Both Richardson and Napper will be sentenced next month.

CPS Crown Advocate, Charles Ward-Jackson said:

"This was a particularly shocking case.  For Mrs Johnson it was an ordinary winter's morning as she was rushing to take her son to school.  From nowhere appeared the two defendants, who had been up all night looking for drugs.  They pushed her aside, leapt into the car and, with Richardson in the driving seat, deliberately drove at her causing her horrific and permanent injury.

"We welcome the jury's decision and would like to pay tribute to the courage of Mrs Johnson in giving her evidence in court from her wheelchair.

"I would also like to give praise to the police investigation and in particular to DC Bryant for helping the prosecution to build a strong case, in difficult circumstances, resulting in the defendants admitting most of the charges and the guilty verdict today."