Man found guilty of running a gun factory


A jury at Reading Crown Court has found Grant Wilkinson guilty of running a firearms factory at The Briars, Basingstoke Road, Three Mile Cross, Reading, which was used for the conversion and production of blank firing imitation MAC 10 sub-machine guns.

The factory was also used for the manufacture of ammunition. 41 converted machine guns and approximately 2,500 spent cartridges were recovered by five police forces, a number of which have been matched to cartridges recovered from 38 crime scenes in London and elsewhere, including the murder of 15-year-old Michael Dosunmu in February 2007.

Complex casework lawyer, Denis Burke, for Thames Valley Crown Prosecution Service, said: We advised Thames Valley Police from the very start and worked closely with them and many other police forces and with thousands of exhibits, which required specialist forensic investigation.

The weapons in this case were designed for one purpose and that was to kill. The sophistication of production and subsequent distribution of these machine guns by Grant Wilkinson resulted in death and serious harm to a number of young people in London and elsewhere.

Wilkinsons accomplice Garry Lewis, aged 38, was found not guilty of the offences. Wilkinson will be sentenced on Thursday, 28 August.

For further information, contact Jacqui Broadbridge, Group Communications Manager, CPS Thames Valley, on 0118 951 3640.

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