Man convicted of rape 30 years later


A man from Great Billington in Bedfordshire has been brought to justice for raping a young woman 30 years after he committed the offence.

Norman Stanley, 61, was convicted of rape and sentenced to nine years in prison, on July 16, after a trial lasting five days at Aylesbury Crown Court.

On 25 April 1980, a 17- year-old female was grabbed by a stranger as she made her way home in High Wycombe. He took her to an area of waste ground near a railway embankment where he was joined by another male. They then took it in turns to rape her.

The other man involved in the rape was Geoffrey Stoneham, from Swanscombe in Kent, who was arrested last year as a result of advances in DNA technology. He is currently serving an eight-year sentence of imprisonment after pleading guilty to rape. Thames Valley Police arrested Norman Stanley after he was named by Stoneham as the second male involved in the offence.

CPS case lawyer, Jane Davies, said: 'Neither Stanley or Stoneham have shown any remorse for their offending, despite it stretching back many years, but have now both been brought to justice.

'The Crown Prosecution Service will continue to work closely with the Major Crime Review Team and the Forensic Science Laboratory to ensure that those with a criminal past, no matter how far back it stretches, will be brought before the courts. We are determined to ensure that victims receive the justice they deserve.'