Man and woman jailed for attacking man - Hertford


A woman, who attacked her ex in his Hertford caravan home after he finished with her, has been jailed.

Layla Mulvihill enlisted the help of another ex-boyfriend when she went to the home of the victim after he ended their relationship.

At the caravan, Mulvihill watched as Daniel Parry attacked the victim, hitting him with a rounders bat and holding a taser gun perilously close to his face. Mulvihull then joined in the attack and struck the victim across his leg with the rounders bat.

At St Albans Crown Court, today, Wednesday, 06 April 2016, Parry, aged 31, of Perth Road, Wood Green in London and Mulvihill, aged 30, of Ashwood Road, Potters Bar, pleaded guilty to assaulting the victim occasioning him actual bodily harm on the evening of 19 November last year. Parry also admitted possessing a prohibited weapon.

The court heard that in addition to the taser and rounders bat, an extendable baton was discovered in Parry's car in which he and Mulvihill had travelled to the victim's caravan, which was on a site in Mangrove Road, Hertford.

Francis Lloyd, prosecuting, told how on the day before the attack, the relationship between the victim and Miss Mulvihill had come to end during an angry discussion in his car.  She had scratched and punched the victim, who wanted to end their relationship. Following this, the court was told, arrangements were made for her to collect her property from the caravan. For this, Mulvihill enlisted the help of Parry, who had been a previous boyfriend.

Mr Lloyd said that on arrival at the caravan, the pair went in and moments later Parry launched his attack, telling the victim: "You nicked my bird, how dare you treat her like that." He used the rounders bat to hit the victim before getting him in a head lock and holding a taser gun close to his face so that he could hear the electricity crackling.

Mr Lloyd said it was then that Mulvihill joined in and, using the rounders bat, hit the victim across his leg.

The court was told the police had been alerted and arrived just in time to stop the attack getting any worse.

Mulvihill was jailed for twenty eight and half months, while Parry was jailed for thirty seven and a half months.

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