Man jailed for failing to engage with authorities - Luton


A Luton man, who failed to engage with the authorities trying to help him turn his back on crime, has been sent to prison.

Graham Smith had been given a chance when he appeared at Luton Crown Court for a series of burglary offences. Instead of going to prison he had been given a community based sentence and told he would keep his freedom providing he worked hard with probation officers and other professionals.

But Smith, aged 41, of Repton Close, Luton was brought back to court today, Friday, 29 September 2017, where Judge Barbara Mensah was told he had failed to put in the effort required. The Judge was told the professionals working with Smith required "honesty and engagement" from him, but he had failed on both. His failures included some negative drugs test, and breaching a home curfew.

Judge Mensah was told Smith had made some progress, but not enough and it was now thought that the community order was not working. He had been given the order after admitting four domestic burglaries in the Luton area back in 2013 and 2014.

The court was told Smith had been getting into trouble with the police and taking drugs since the age of 10.

Judge Mensah sentenced Smith to 20 months imprisonment. She said it was of "great disappointment" to all who had been involved in trying to help Smith that he had failed to show the commitment required of him.

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