Machete weilding drug dealer jailed - South Oxhey


A drug dealer, who brandished a large machete in a pub fight in South Oxhey near Watford, was jailed for three and a half years today, Friday, 28 November 2014.

John Corcoran, aged 32, was captured on CCTV waving the big knife around at the entrance to the Ox pub in Bridlington Road.

Prosecutor George Heimler told St Albans Crown Court that the fight broke out in the pub just before midnight. There were shouts and screams at the time, but when the police investigated those who saw what happened, they were reluctant to come forward and help identify the defendant. But the CCTV was seized and Corcoran was identified. He handed himself in to the police on 14 July, nearly 6 months later.

What he did not know at that time was that he had been trapped in an undercover police drug operation in the area. For the first deal, on 01 May, Corcoran arrived at the car park of Tesco Express in the passenger seat of a white Vauxhall Insignia. He dealt the undercover officer a £40 wrap and gave him a number to call for more drugs. Five days later the officer contacted him again and he sent an associate back to the car park with another wrap.  On 08 May he got the same man to supply him with two wraps for £80. He delivered another wrap for Corcoran on 12 May.

Corcoran was secretly filmed as he supplied the policeman two wraps outside the Partridge Pub on 15 May and five days later the associate delivered another wrap. Mr Heimler said all the drugs were wrapped in lottery tickets.

Corcoran, of Lynton Close, Wembley, pleaded guilty to threatening behaviour with a weapon on 24 January and six charges of supplying Class A drugs to an undercover police officer in May this year. He had no previous drug convictions, but in 2004 had been sentenced for causing grievous bodily harm (GBH).

Mimma Sabato, defending, said Corcoran had not taken the machete to the pub. "It was there and he picked it up," she said. She said the father of four young children had been married for 12 years. He had pleaded guilty to both charges at the earliest opportunity and was well aware that he was to receive a custodial sentence.

Judge Andrew Bright QC told him: "You waved the machete around in a very threatening fashion. Those around were very frightened." He said he had played a "significant role" in supplying cocaine to the undercover officer. He jailed him for 6 months for having the machete and a further 3 years for supplying the drugs.

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