Luton man jailed for assault


Luton man Daniel Copeland has today, Thursday, 23 October 2014, been jailed for 12 months after a jury cleared him of robbing a stranger, but found him guilty instead of assaulting him.

Copeland, aged 23, had denied the charge of robbery at the start of his trial this week at Luton Crown Court.

Clyde Walker told the court how he had been walking to some shops when he was attacked by Copeland and was briefly knocked out. He said when he came to he was being helped by a good Samaritan and it was later he discovered £20 in cash and a gold chain was missing.

The attack happened just after 10pm on the evening of 29 March this year when Mr Walker left his home in Studley Road, Luton to visit some nearby shops. The jury were told that where Studley Road meets Biscot Road, Mr Walker saw the defendant, whom he didn't know, talking to someone.

In the witness box, Mr Walker told the court that as he made his way past them, Copeland, who lived in a flat in nearby Malzeard Road, called out after him. He told the jury how after catching up with him, the defendant punched him in the face and the head and he came to in the middle of the road.

During the trial the jury were told that a second alternative charge against Copeland was being added of assault occasioning actual bodily harm on Mr Walker. The jury were told that if they found Mr Copeland not guilty of the robbery they could then go on to consider the assault charge against him.

Today, Copeland was acquitted of the robbery, but found guilty of the assault and jailed for 12 months.

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