Kidnap and torture trio jailed - Bedford


Three men, who kidnapped and tortured a man from Bedford, have been jailed for a total of 27 years.

Their victim was snatched from his home in Ampthill Road, bundled into a car and then driven into the countryside, where he was sadistically tortured by the gang. They tasered him, repeatedly punched and kicked him and cut him with a knife about his face and body.

Today, Thursday, 27 August 2015, Menelik Biddy, aged 37, Marcus Thomas, aged 31 and Daniel Thompson, aged 30, were each jailed for 9 years when they appeared at Luton Crown Court.

The three men, from Bedford, appeared at court today in custody following their convictions for kidnapping their victim at the end of a trial earlier this month.

The court had heard how, in August of last year, Biddy was sofa surfing at various addresses in the Bedford area, but spent a lot of time at the home of his sister in Ampthill Road. Living nearby in the same road was his victim, who lived with his family.

The jury were told how, on 6 August last year, Biddy (a black man) approached the other man, annoyed that his younger brother had been racist towards him. The court was told that despite assurances from the man that he would sort out the matter with his younger sibling, nothing appeared to Biddy to have been done and no apology came his way. As a result, Biddy hatched his plan for revenge.

The following evening, the victim was walking home between 5.30 and 6pm when he saw Biddy, who told him: "My people are coming for you, you people are racist." The man continued on his way home, thinking nothing of it but, around 40 minutes later, there was a knock at his door and Thomas, of Tavistock Street and Thompson, of Beaconsfield Street in Bedford, were standing there along with two other men. The victim went outside to talk to the group, but was then bundled towards a silver Volkswagen car and forced inside.

In the next hour, the man was driven out to the village of Renhold in Beds. Out of the car, he was tasered in the arms and legs. He was savagely beaten by Thomas and Thompson and a knife was used to cut him about his face and body. At one point, he was allowed to use his phone to ring his home and say that £20,000 should be handed over to Biddy to ensure his safe release.

The court was told that on one occasion the victim managed to flee from the men, only to be caught and attacked once more. Despite the fact that he suffered from Asthma, his inhaler was snatched from him and he had trouble breathing. He was thrown in stinging nettles and continued to be kicked and punched.

The court heard he eventually passed out and then managed to stagger into a nearby road, where a passing motorist stopped and came to his aid.

During the trial, the jury were told that following the phone call he had been allowed to make to his home telling his family to get £20,000 to Biddy, members of the man's family then went to Biddy's home where there was an altercation in the street. Police became involved, and two vehicles connected to the kidnappers were found parked nearby. That evening, the victim was taken to hospital for treatment and a police investigation swung into action to find his kidnappers.

Passing sentence on the three, Judge Richard Foster, the Honorary Recorder of Luton, told them the facts of the case demonstrated that they were all dangerous individuals. The Judge told Thomas and Thompson that they had carried out Biddy's "dirty work" and he said all three had been involved in a joint enterprise to kidnap the victim.

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