Herts man sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering his neighbour


A man who murdered his elderly neighbour was sentenced yesterday, July 8, at St Albans Crown Court, to life imprisonment, after he pleaded guilty on July 5 to murder and robbery. He will serve a minimum of 29 years in jail

Marcio Sa Barros, 31, of Brook Road, Borehamwood, was charged with the murder of William (Bill) Humphrey, 94, also from Brook Road, on February 6 this year, after killing the pensioner on February 2. He bound and stabbed Mr Humphrey, who tragically died as a result of his injuries. Sa Barros then stole Mr Humphreys television, camera and a sum of money, before leaving the house.

 CPS Complex Casework Unit lawyer, Louise Chitty, said: 'This was a particularly nasty murder with aggravating features. Marcio Sa Barros entered the home of his elderly neighbour William Humphrey, tied him up, stabbed him repeatedly then stole his TV, his money and his camera, for cash to buy drugs. His victim was vulnerable, knew his assailant and let him into his home. 

'The fact that Sa Barros has now decided to plead guilty at least means that Mr Humphreys' family do not have to go through the harrowing details of this terrible crime at a trial. This was a thorough and painstaking investigation, involving a huge amount of forensic work and the CPS worked closely with the police throughout. Sa Barros has today been sentenced to life imprisonment and we are satisfied that justice has been done.'

Officer in the case, Detective Sergeant Carolyn Taylder, of the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Major Crime Unit, said: 'The murder of William Humphrey was a terrible and unprovoked crime. Sa Barros mercilessly killed a true gentleman who was no harm to anyone and I would like to say that on behalf of myself and the Constabulary that our hearts and sympathies go out to Mr Humphreys' family today.

'The sentence given reflects the severity and horrific nature of the incident and I hope in some way it will help the family to begin to pave the way to getting over from the terrible ordeal that was inflicted on Bill.'

The granddaughter of Bill Humphrey said: 'My Granddad was an independent, family-orientated man who lived happily for 40 years at the home in Borehamwood. He was looking forward to reaching 100 years of age and we have no doubt that he would have done if he hadnt been so cruelly taken away from us.

 'The moment I found my Granddad dead still haunts me and although I am pleased we will not have to go through a trial to prove his killers guilt, I would have liked to hear what he had to say about his actions that day. It tears us apart to think of the pain and fear Granddad went through during his last moments and no amount of time his killer spends in prison will ever make up for that.'