Heroin and crack dealer jailed - Watford


A drug dealer, who was caught with 500 of heroin and crack cocaine in a car in Watford, was jailed for 45 months today, Friday, 03 June 2016.

Trahearne Edwards, aged 21, said he was merely transporting the drugs to Rickmansworth for an unnamed man, who had threatened him. But after hearing him give evidence at St Albans Crown Court, Judge Jonathan Carroll said his story was "inherently implausible" and said he played a significant role in drug dealing.

Edwards had been taken to the police station and when he was strip searched, two plastic bags were found in his jogging bottoms, which he was wearing under jeans. They contained 5.1 g of crack and 1.34g of heroin. Three telephones were also recovered, along with a cannabis grinder, which Edwards admitted belonged to him.

Edwards, of Ruth Close, Stanmore, pleaded guilty to possessing cocaine and heroin with intent to supply on the evening of 2 December 2013.

Judge Carroll said Edwards was a low-level street dealer. He told him: "Class A drugs destroy lives and lead to the destruction of young lives and they are rightly prohibited. You were playing a part in destroying the lives of those around you."

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