Hemel Hempstead man jailed for burglary --St Albans


Burglar Matthew Turner was jailed for three years today, Monday, 17 March 2013, after a court heard he stole £3,500 worth of property from a home in Watford and sold it for £300 to pay off debts and buy drugs.

Turner broke into the house in Escort Road in Watford last July using a screwdriver to prize open a door.  The following month he broke into a property in Great Heath, Hatfield while the lady occupant was in.  He was forced to flee, but left behind traces of his blood on a door frame and was soon identified.

As a result Turner, of Knightsbridge way, Hemel Hempstead, appeared at St Albans Crown Court today to admit to offences of burglary.

He asked for 86 similar offences to be taken into consideration.

Mr Andel Sing, for the 33-year-old, said he suffered from depression and epilepsy as well as issues over drug misuse.

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