CPS Report shows rise in successful Hate Crime prosecutions in Thames Valley


The Crown Prosecution Service's (CPS) second annual Hate Crime Report, published yesterday, shows convictions for hate crimes in Thames Valley have risen by 5.6 per cent to 81.4 per cent in since last year.

The second annual Hate Crime report showed that significant steps forward have been made in the prosecution of all types of hate crimes Racist and Relgious Aggravation; Homophobic and Transphobic; and Disability Hate crimes.

Baljit Ubhey, Chief Crown Prosecutor for Thames Valley said, "This report shows how seriously we take all types of hate crimes.

"Being targeted because of your race, religion, sexuality or disability is a profoundly isolating experience and one we will prosecute wherever possible. People from all communities have a legitimate right to expect protection from the prejudice and discrimination that are at the root of hate crime.

"We are doing a lot of really good work.  I am particularly proud of our Hate Crime Scrutiny Panel, which sees members of the public review the way we prosecute hate crime cases so that we can make improvements to the service that we provide to victims and witnesses.  Of course there is still more to do to increase their confidence in the system and to ensure our communities feel properly protected."

The report shows that nationally the CPS has met the overall hate crime target, kept up a good performance on prosecuting racist hate crime and increased the numbers of homophobic, transphobic and disability hate crime cases being prosecuted.

Ms Ubhey added, "I am particularly heartened by the increase in the numbers of prosecutions for disability hate crime we have seen over the last 12 months. We know that disability hate crime is massively under reported to the police because people dont know that they are a victim of crime and do not have confidence that their problems will be taken seriously.  We must get better at supporting the specific needs of disabled victims and witnesses to further increase the numbers of those coming forward and receiving justice."