Football fans jailed for affray on train


Three West Ham supporters were today jailed for their part in an affray on a train in which a bystander got hurt.

Four football fans had all been to a West Ham football match, and were returning to Reading on a First Great Western train travelling from Paddington, on Saturday, 20 February, 2010.

They were drinking, using bad language, throwing a beer can around and generally causing distress to other travellers.

At around 1930 hours, a man who was in Coach D with his partner and children, plus a number of other families, spoke to the men about their behaviour. They set about him, chasing him up the train for around 15 minutes.  A member of the public pulled the emergency cord and officers were waiting at the station to arrest the four men.

An assault to the victim's head during the chase meant he later had to have it glued at the Royal Berks Hospital.

Darren Wise, Ryan Wise and Ciaran Shane Doyle were convicted of affray after a trial at Reading Crown Court in June. Daniel Wise was acquitted.

Prosecutor Jon Sank said today: 'Three West Ham fans travelling back from a match in London on 20 February last year caused a disturbance on a train near Reading, during which a member of the public was injured. These men were brought before the courts and convicted of affray.  A fourth man was acquitted.

'At a hearing today at Reading Crown Court, Darren Wise was jailed for nine months, and Ryan Wise and Ciaran Shane Doyle each received a jail term of six months. All three men received a six-year football banning order.

'The public are entitled to travel in safety without being exposed to potential harm from other passengers. These men have lost their freedom as a result of their actions.'