Man sentenced after fatal road accident in Aylesbury


A 43 year-old man has today been sentenced at Aylesbury Crown Court to undertake 160 hours of unpaid community work for causing death by driving unlicensed and a number of fraud offences. He was also disqualified from driving for a period of 12 months.

Darrin Brooks, from Buckingham, was driving along Elmhurst Road in Aylesbury in August last year when he hit a 76 year-old pedestrian who had stepped out in front of his vehicle.

This is the first time in Buckinghamshire that someone has been prosecuted for the offence of causing death by driving whilst unlicensed, which only came into force on 18 August last year.

Whilst Mr Brooks' driving was not judged to be careless or dangerous, he did not hold a full driving licence despite being employed as a funeral director a job for which driving was an essential part.  Mr Brooks had made false representations that he held a full driving licence, including doctoring his wifes licence to pass as his own, in order to obtain employment.

CPS Thames Valley Crown Advocate Nigel Ogborne said, "This is a tragic case on any view.  Mr Brooks made deliberate attempts to deceive his employers that he held a driving licence in order to keep his job. He did nothing to correct this position in the 12 years he worked for them despite driving regularly during this time.  Nor did he during that period make any attempt to take his driving test. He now has to live with the tragic consequences of his actions.

"Our thoughts and sympathies are with Ms Surridge's family and friends who we hope are now able to put this terrible incident behind them."