Family sentenced for domestic violence


A man and his parents have today been sentenced at Oxford Crown Court to suspended custodial sentences plus community orders and costs, after assaulting and falsely imprisoning his wife.

Speaking after the case, Principal Crown Advocate Ben Gumpert said the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) takes domestic violence very seriously.

He said: "This was a case where the familys outward appearance was of calm and respectability, but behind this front they subjected the victim to verbal bullying which escalated into sustained episodes of violence."

Mudassar Ahmed, 29, and his parents Halima and Iftikhar Ahmed, both 52, were each convicted of two counts of actual bodily harm and one count of false imprisonment against Saira Ahmed, 28.

The first offence of assault - including kicking and hitting - happened in June 2007 when the victim was seven months pregnant with her husband's child. The couple lived together in his parents' house in Banbury.

Later offences committed in August of the same year involved further physical assault and false imprisonment, where the victim was locked in her bedroom and the house doors and windows were locked to prevent her leaving.

The jury rejected the defendants' claim that Saira Ahmed made up the allegations to get a divorce that would not bring 'shame' on herself or her family.

Mr Gumpert said: "All three defendants bitterly denied these charges, but these convictions show just how seriously domestic violence is taken by the CPS and police. We are committed to prosecuting violent offences whether they happen in the home, in the street or anywhere else.

"Saira Ahmed showed great courage in reporting her familys behaviour to police and we hope this prosecution encourages others who suffer in this way to speak up about it and know that they will be taken seriously."