Family man jailed for drugs offences - Luton


A family man who began using cocaine in his 40s was caught by police inside a house where the cocaine was being cut down and weighed, a court heard on Friday, 11 January 2013.

Dean Penman said he had agreed to assist in the dealing operation to wipe off £500 from his drug debt, Luton Crown Court was told. But instead it led to him being jailed for two years and four months on Friday.

Penman, 46, of Lambourn Drive, Luton, pleaded guilty to possessing cocaine with intent to supply and also to possessing cannabis for his own use.

Kevin West, prosecuting, said on 09 August last year police raided a house in Burfield Court, Handcross Road, Luton. Penman was there with another person.

Police found 55 grammes of cocaine with 140 grammes of the cutting agent benzocaine. The cocaine could have been cut down to make between 110 and 220 street deals worth between £4,400 and £13,000.

Penman said he had collected the cocaine that day and was weighing it before delivering it elsewhere. The cannabis was found when his home address was searched.

Daniel Chadwick, defending said: "He only started using cocaine in his 40s, but got into debt and made this very wrong decision.

"He knows he will be in custody for a long time which means his family will lose their home."

Judge David Farrell QC told Penman: "You started using cocaine at a time in life when most people who use drugs are coming off them.

"You were assisting in a cocaine cutting and supplying business in order to have £500 wiped off your debt, but you knew exactly what you were doing.

"Those involved in the supply of Class A drugs can only expect one sentence and that is custody."

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