Drug dealers ordered to pay back more than £550,000 - Reading


Confiscation Orders totalling £563,140.88 were made against four Reading drug dealers at Reading Crown Court on Thursday, 17 January 2013.

Operation Endurance was an intelligence-led drugs surveillance and test purchase operation carried out by Thames Valley Police officers at Mandela Court and Arthur Place in Orts Road, Reading.

On 10 and 11 May 10 2011, a series of warrants were executed at a number of locations in the area, resulting in 20 people being charged with conspiracy to supply class B drugs, namely cannabis.

As a result of the warrants, key evidence was also obtained, including cash and drugs with an estimated street value of £63,000.

Following a trial at Reading Crown Court, the four organisers of the drug gang, Paul Jump, aged 47, from Arthur Place; Paul Sterling, aged 56, from Mandela Court; Warren Parkes, aged 45, from Arthur Place, and Nicholas Walker, aged 38, from Avon Place, were convicted.

The defendants were sentenced on 15 December 2011, to prison terms of between seven years and nine months, and nine years. Other members of the criminal gang were convicted and sentenced separately.

The confiscation hearing began at Reading Crown Court on 14 January 2013.

The court heard that various assets had been identified in the names of the four defendants, but the prosecution alleged the defendants had hidden additional assets.

Confiscation Orders were made against Paul Jump for £100,000, Paul Sterling for £191,452.85, Warren Parkes for £139,242.85, and Nicholas Walker for £132,445.18.

The defendants were given six months to pay or face additional sentences of between two years, and two years and six months.

In addition to these orders, cash seized from Paul Jump and Paul Sterling, totalling £183,116.90, had already been subject to Forfeiture Orders made by the court in February 2012, bringing the total of all orders made against these four men to almost £750,000.