Drug dealer jailed - Watford


When police found a 'dealer' list written in code during a raid on Carlos Antunes' bedroom, he tried to hoodwink them and say they were abbreviations used in his electrical business.

The codes included b for 'brown' meaning heroin and w for 'white' meaning cocaine, but Antunes said it was all to do with cables. But eventually, on the day he was due to stand trial before a jury, he admitted the truth and that he had been selling small quantities of drugs to fellow addicts.

Antunes, 43, of Water Lane, Watford, was jailed for 30-months when he appeared for sentence at Luton Crown Court on Friday, 04 May 2012.

He pleaded guilty to two charges of possessing Class A drugs with intent to supply.

Philip Misner, for the Crown Prosecution Service said officers from Hertfordshire police's Tactical Team raided the first floor flat on 23 June last year. In one bedroom, wraps of cocaine were found and, in another, a wrap of heroin and the deal list. Mobile phones also revealed incriminating text messages asking for drugs.

"When the dealer list was put to him he became agitated and said it was to do with his work and referred to cables. He also said the pound signs were not pound signs," said Mr Misner.

The court heard that two months previously he had been given a police caution for possessing heroin and cocaine.

Anthony Rimmer, defending, said: "He has had a drug problem for almost 20-years. He is 43 and is unlikely to see 50 if he carries on. His health is poor. His long term partner has suffered in silence and is standing by him."

Recorder Leslie Cuthbert told Antunes: "Drugs are an absolute nightmare for our society. Because of the difficulties and misery drugs cause, the courts are expected to impose deterrent sentences."

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