Drug dealer caught by undercover officer is jailed - Luton


A London drug dealer who sold heroin and cocaine to an undercover police officer in Luton was jailed for 20 months today, Friday, 30 August 2013.

Church-going Jude Mensah, 24, approached the officer called 'Paul' in George Street last November. He asked him if he smoked and they exchanged telephone numbers.

They arranged to meet and Mensah came up again from London the next day with another man, Luton Crown Court was told.

Alan Blake prosecuting for Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said the two men each produced a wrap of drugs from their mouths, which the other man said was a free sample. The wraps were analysed and found to be one of 0.132g of heroin and 0.112g of cocaine.

The next day Paul called Mensah and asked for 2 grams of 'B.' He paid him £20 for two black plastic wraps of heroin. Mensah told him he would sell him three wraps next time for £25 rather than £30.

On 07 January Mensah contacted him again by text saying: "Back in Luton. Call me." Paul called him the next day and asked for one wrap of cocaine and one of heroin. They met outside a bank in George Street and he paid him £20 for 0.275 gram of cocaine and 0.245 grams of heroin.

Mensah had agreed with Paul that the drugs he had sold previously were not very good, but said they were 8 out of 10 this time.

The following day they met again outside the Job Centre in Guilford Street and he sold him two wraps of heroin, again for £20. The deal was secretly recorded by Paul. When police arrested Mensah on 18 July, he made no comment.

Mensah of Link Street, Hackney London E9, who appeared at court wearing a suit and holding a bible, pleaded guilty to four counts of supplying heroin, and two of supplying cocaine in November last year and January this year.

Leanne Evans, defending, said Mensah was involved with the Hackney Youth Parliament and his local church.

She said: "It was completely out of character for him to behave in the way he did." He was intimidated into becoming involved after owing £900 to a man whose car he had damaged. He paid off £200, but received threats for the rest of the money. He was told another way to clear the debt was to sell drugs. His family had been threatened and he had no choice, she said.

Ms Evans said Mensah was the oldest of 3 children and had studied travel and tourism at the University of West London. Now he is half way through a course on hospitality management. He has been working for BHS stores for two and a half years.

Jailing him, Mr Justice Wilkie said: "You were an integral part of a relatively sophisticated and organised system of street dealing. You were involved over a period of months. You had become a proficient and trusted member of the network."

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