Drug courier jailed - Welwyn Garden City


A drug courier who was caught with heroin and crack in a Kinder egg hidden in her underwear was jailed for 20 months today, Thursday, 15 August 2013.

Rachel Bevan, 37, was stopped by police in January as she travelled from London to Welwyn Garden City. She was searched and a total of 6 grams of the drugs were found in 47 wraps.

She received a Community Order at St Albans Crown Court in April in the hope that she could get off drugs, but she was back in court after being caught shoplifting.

Prosecutor Will Noble said Bevan was stopped leaving Tesco in Stevenage on 29 June. A bag she was carrying was lined with foil in an attempt to stop stolen items being detected as she left the store. There was nothing in the bag as she said she was "spooked" by security staff. An item she had taken was found discarded in the toilet.

Then on 03 July she was stopped at Sainsbury's in Welwyn Garden City after stealing just under £100 worth of DVDs. She tried to get into a car, but the driver sped off seeing she was being followed by security staff.

She was arrested again in Welwyn Garden City and was found to have a small amount of cannabis on her in a foil wrap.

Bevan, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to two charges of theft and one of possessing cannabis. She admitted not answering bail and being in breach of the Community Order.

Andel Singh, defending, said Bevan had been "sofa surfing"£ after she left the man she had been staying with. He said she had become addicted to drugs in 2008 after being subjected to domestic violence.

She had agreed to transport the drugs in January in the hope that she would receive some herself. She was not making any money, he said.

When she gets out of jail he said Bevan wanted to continue work as a hairdresser. Whilst in jail he said she had acted as a mentor for others who want to work as hairdressers.

Jailing her, Judge Stephen Gullick said: "If you want to get of drugs, don't go back to those you previously associated with or you will take them again. Get off drugs and put your life on an even keel."

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