Drug addict burglar jailed for four years - Luton


Luton burglar Matthew Greenaway did his best to go straight, but in the end was beaten by his addiction to drugs.

Arrested for a series of house burglaries that he'd committed last year, Greenaway told police about other break-ins he'd committed, determined to wipe the slate clean.

Police and probation workers were so impressed by his efforts to turn his back on a life of crime, that earlier this year he was assessed to see if he would be suitable to go on an Integrated Offender Management  Programme (IOM)  which is run in Bedfordshire.

The scheme is an alternative to prison and is designed to help habitual offenders, who often commit crime, because of an entrenched dependency on drugs.

Greenaway, 41, was found to be suitable and duly placed on the scheme.

It's no soft option and those accepted on the course must report for regular drug testing.

Today , Thursday, 13 June 2013,  Luton Crown Court heard that for Greenaway of Coltsfoot Green, Luton the demands of staying clean proved too much.

On a  number of occasions he tested positive for cocaine use and in the end it was decided he could no longer stay on the programme. In addition he had also breached the terms of a curfew he was under.

As a result , he appeared for sentence today having been recalled to custody and was jailed for a total of four years after pleading guilty to four offences of burglary and asking for 26 similar offences to be taken into consideration.

Passing sentence Judge Phillip Bartle told Greenaway he knew he had made an effort to succeed on the IOM programme, adding "It's not easy."

The court heard how on 29  August  last year Greenaway  broke into a house in Leicester Road, Luton during the day while the occupant, a night worker was asleep in bed. The Victim eventually got up to find an i-phone had been stolen along with two pairs of expensive and distinctive Nike trainers.

Then on  12 September  Greenaway  broke into a house in Halfway Avenue Luton and stolen a 42 inch flat screen TV, two lap tops, a play station and a camera.

From a house in Waller Avenue, Luton he stole cash and Asian jewellery worth £2750 and from a property in West Street Dunstable he stole two lap tops and an ipod.

Last Autumn Greenaway was eventually arrested and linked to the crimes by the trainers, footprints and DNA.

But he began talking to detectives about a whole spate of break ins he'd committed and indicating he wanted the chance to put a life of crime behind him.

The IOM scheme brings together organisations from the public, private and voluntary and community sector to tackle prolific offenders through intensive programmes combining rehabilitation and enforcement.

The IOM team works with offenders at high risk of re-offending to support changes in offender behaviour and remove issues which influence offending. That support can range from assistance in finding accommodation, obtaining training and employment, right through to anger management and treatment for substance misuse.

After showing he was motivated to change his ways, Greenaway was duly placed on an IOM programme.

But today Judge Bartle heard despite his best efforts he had been unable to stay away from cocaine and had tested positive for the drug during a number of appointments.

He had also breached the terms of a home curfew.

Daniel Darnbrough defending said Greenaway had been addicted to cocaine for some 20 years.

"He failed on the IOM programme. He simply found it too hard and found it impossible to escape a way of life he was in," he said.

Despite the failure when it came to drug use, the court heard Greenaway had made progress in other areas and there was hope that in the future he would be able to move away from the life that had been blighted by drugs and crime.

The judge told him his crimes last years had caused his victims "enormous stress and concern."

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