Drug addict burglar jailed - Luton


A drug addicted burglar co-operated with police and confessed all his crimes thinking he might be put on a scheme to help him conquer his addiction.

But, Kenneth Martin was not suitable for the ground breaking intensive scheme because in his background was a conviction which involved violence. Instead Martin, 30 and homeless, was sent to prison for 38-months at Luton Crown Court on Friday, 01 June 2012.

He was before the court having pleaded guilty to two domestic burglaries, one attempted burglary, and one charge of shoplifting. He asked the court to take 53 other offences into consideration, which included 29 house burglaries committed mainly in Luton over the last year.

Judge Michael Baker QC told Martin: "You have been offending to feed a really significant drug habit and you have a very poor record for offences committed for the same purpose.

"You are anxious to mend your ways and I recognise that as being genuine. Unfortunately, the offender programme is not practical having regard to the serious offence you were sentenced for in 2008.

"You have written a heartfelt letter asking for help, but your history of offending and the gravity of all these matters makes that not an appropriate course to take today."

Saul Herman, for the Crown Prosecution Service said, on 14 January this year, while on bail for other offences he broke into a house in Roman Road, Luton and stole cash and an expensive lap top. A rubber glove was found at the scene with his DNA on.

On 17 January, he attempted to break into a house in Cavendish Road, Luton, but was probably disturbed. Police found a cigarette end with his DNA on lying on the patio.

He was arrested, but refused to be interviewed and was granted bail again. On 20 January, he broke into another house in Marsh Road and stole another lap top.

After his arrest on that occasion he co-operated with police and drove around showing them other houses he had broken into.

Miss Minal Raj, defending said, Martin had never trusted the police in the past, but on this occasion he was desperate for help.

She said, "He is a very different Mr Martin today, and is intent on turning his life around."

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