Delivery driver jailed for burgling homes - Potters Bar


A delivery driver, who burgled two homes in Potters Bar, was jailed for 40 months today, Thursday, 03 September 2015.

Richard Blake, aged 48, broke into two addresses in The Broadway on 04 March. He stole a debit card, jewellery, laptops and an iPhone.

Prosecutor Philip Levy told St. Albans Crown court that he was identified from local CCTV and the "conspicuous" uniform he was wearing. When he was arrested, jewellery was found on Blake. The card was used to make withdrawals and the laptop and iPhone are still missing.

Blake, of Ringstead Road, Catford, who had a history of drug abuse, appeared for sentence for burglary. He had a long criminal record, including house burglaries. Earlier this year he received a 10 month sentence for fraud.

Daniel Jerome, defending, said it was 9 years since Blake's last burglary conviction. He said that since being in custody he had tested negative for drugs.

Blake addressed the Judge himself, saying that he was a "recovering addict." He had suffered a family bereavement and a 9-year relationship ended in February this year. "I started using crack and heroin again and wasn't eating. I lost my job."

Judge John Plumstead told him: "You have a terrible criminal record. When things are tough you take it out on the rest of the world."

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