Death by dangerous driving man gets five years


A man from Aylesbury has been jailed today for five years for causing death by dangerous driving.

Greg Stiles, 18, from Thame, was killed instantly when he collided with another car in a bid to avoid hitting a blue BMW X5, being driven by Sam Edwards (26), from Marsh, near Aylesbury on 17 May, 2009. Greg's girlfriend of three years, Abigail Dowdy, of Prestwood, was seriously injured in the crash, on the A4129 between Princes Risborough and Thame.

Reading Crown Court heard Edwards caused the crash due to his 'erratic' driving - and went on to drive in a similar manner all the way to a service station on the M40. He told police he had been at home all afternoon - but later changed his story and admitted he had been out in the car, owned by his father Terry. 

CPS Case lawyer, Rebecca Mundy said: 'On 17 May last year, Greg Stiles lost his life and his girlfriend was badly injured. They were doing nothing wrong - driving along, with their whole lives ahead of them. Sam Edwards, coming in the other direction, decided to overtake a line of traffic even though another car was in full view coming towards him. This manoeuvre was arrogant, selfish and dangerous, resulting in a horrific collision between two other cars. 

'Sam Edwards didnt even stop - he sped off and wilfully sought to cover up his involvement in the events of that day. He has shown no remorse, although he later admitted he was actually driving his fathers BMW X5. He even tried to blame the deceased for causing the crash. 

'The police investigation was painstakingly thorough, and used the latest technology - such as ANPR records and mobile phone data - as well as witness sightings of the car, to prove that Sam Edwards was indeed in the location of the crash, although he blatantly said he wasn't.

'The CPS subsequently decided that there was sufficient evidence to secure a conviction and Edwards has been brought before the courts where a jury has convicted him of causing death by dangerous driving. He has been sentenced accordingly by the courts. 

'The Criminal Justice System will robustly investigate, prosecute and convict those who put other road users at risk, who create havoc and misery and who think they are above the law. 

'I would like to commend Greg's family for the brave and dignified way in which they have conducted themselves during the trial at Reading Crown Court, particularly as they have had to share the public gallery with supporters of the defendant. I hope that the guilty conviction and sentencing goes some way to helping them move forward.'