Dangerous man given extended sentence for breaching a Sexual Harm Prevention Order - Luton


A dangerous paedophile, who was waiting for the 'perfect opportunity' to abduct and sexually abuse a 5-year-old child, was today, Wednesday, 19 October 2016, given a 12-year extended sentence.

Stephen Kelly, aged 50, received a 6-year jail term with a further 6-year extended sentence by a Judge who told him he posed a very significant threat to young children.

Kelly was caught by concerned police officers, who found him sitting in a park where children were playing, Luton Crown Court was told.

Nigel Ogborne, prosecuting for Thames and Chiltern Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), said that Kelly had been convicted of possessing indecent images of children in 2015 and was being monitored by officers. "The police were concerned about the defendant and were visiting him twice weekly as he was regarded as a very high risk sex offender. He admitted he posed a significant risk to young children and was waiting for the perfect opportunity to abduct and abuse a 5-year-old child," he said.

He said Kelly was banned by the terms of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order from going within 25-metres of a children's park, play or recreation area and was also banned from being in possession of photographs of children.

On 16 August this year, 4-days after being brought to court to have the terms of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order toughened, Kelly was seen in Manor Park in Luton at 3.15 in the afternoon. He had on him a copy of the Sun newspaper in which there were photographs of children. He was arrested and his home in Luton was searched. Photographs of children were recovered along with lewd comments. Kelly had also written two stories about abducting young children - one he had seen outside Sainsbury's and another he had followed along Waldeck Road in Luton.

When questioned by the police, he admitted he had followed a child and her mother in Waldeck Road at ten to two in the afternoon on 9 August.  Once they went into their home he said he stood outside the house for a minute.

Kelly, of Montrose Avenue, Luton, appeared for sentence having pleaded guilty to four charges of breaching a Sexual Harm Prevention Order and attempting to facilitate a child sex offence.

Dominic Woolard, defending, said: "He is a 50-year-old man who lived alone. He has been very candid and has pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity."

Judge Michael Kay QC told Kelly: "This case is particularly troubling. I have regard to my duty to protect the public. What is disclosed, by your own admissions, is a very significant threat to young children. You were intending to create an opportunity to abduct and sexually abuse a child. In an interview with the police you set out in graphic detail of what you intended to do. The degree of planning would have quite probably involved the abduction of a child. You need to be treated and you need to be treated in a custodial setting."

Kelly will be eligible to apply for parole after he has served 4-years, but will only be released within the following 8-years if the parole board consider it is safe. He must register as a sex offender for life.

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