Couple sentenced for cultivating cannabis - Kempston


A couple, who were growing cannabis in their Kempston home, were caught by chance when a neighbour took their dog home.

The dog was taken back to the house in Henderson Way, where the neighbour was met by the strong smell of cannabis, Luton Crown Court heard today, Thursday, 14 May 2015.

He called the police, who uncovered a small scale drug factory. Officers found 39 plants growing in a tent in the garage under two 600 watt bulbs with ventilation ducts and extractor pipes. 32 more plants were growing in two more tents in a bedroom, said prosecutor Harry Snook.

In other rooms there was fertilizer, scales and deal bags. In a safe £2,000 in cash was found and, in another bedroom, expensive jewellery was recovered.

Mr Snook said the plants would have yielded 1.4 kilos of cannabis, with a street value of £14,000. A washing line hanging in one of the rooms indicated there may have been an earlier harvest. A patio area had been made to look like an Amsterdam cannabis cafe. There was a Dutch flag and the police discovered Daniel Seager, aged 31, whose house it was, had made several trips to Amsterdam.

Police arrested Seager and his partner Helen Radwell, aged 25. He told the officers: "It is nothing to do with her. I am the one who smokes it."

Daniel Seager, now of Exeter Walk, Bedford and Helen Radwell, now of Northcote, Bedford, appeared for sentence after both admitted cultivating cannabis on 8 March 2014. Seager also admitted a second charge of possessing criminal property. He had one previous conviction for possessing cannabis.

For Seager, Jeremy Hayes said: "Although he may be a connoisseur of cannabis, it is against the law to cultivate it." He said it was a small 'Heath Robinson' operation that did not involve anyone else. He said Seager ran a tanning and gym instructing business earning £2,000 a month.

Matthew Kirk, defending Radwell, said she was a mother of two of previous good character, who had acted as a gardener watering the plants.

Judge Michael Kay QC told them: "I find it horrific that you lived in a house with two children. Growing it in a house shared with children is to your eternal shame. I hope it has no effect on them. I hear many cases in which people commit crime because they have become addicted to powerful cannabis. It is criminalized because it destroys people's lives."

He jailed Seager for 2 years. He sentenced Radwell to a 12 month Community Order with conditions that she carries out 150 hours unpaid work and abide by a 3 month curfew between 9pm and 6am.

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