Couple jailed for six months for child cruelty


A Reading couple have each been jailed for six months for child cruelty, after a hearing today (28/3) at Oxford Crown Court.

CPS Crown Advocate, Hilary Neville, said afterwards: 'A 44 year-old man and a 42 year-old woman from Reading were brought before the courts by the police and CPS, for child cruelty to the six year-old son of the woman. They originally pleaded not guilty, but changed their pleas to guilty on the third day of trial.

'The couple have been sentenced today at Oxford Crown Court and will both serve six months in prison.'

'This was a truly sad case for the young victim in this instance. His mother and step-father forced him to remain in a darkened bedroom for long periods of time, in squalid conditions. The child is now being looked after by his natural father and is progressing well.

'The CPS will prosecute such people who abuse children in this way. They will be brought before the courts where they will be punished for their crimes.'